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  Che Ros

Che Ros is our own brand name which represents a wide range of products in the spices, dry condiments, nuts, dry fruits and snack categories.

Packed in consumer packs varying from 50grams to 500grams. The following is the list of products under the Che Ros Brand.

  Australian Dhal 300gm    
  Barly 300gm    
  Big Sago 300gm    
  Biji Kas Kas 70gm    
  Black Bean 300gm    
  Black Chole 300gm    
  Black Eye Bean 300gm    
  Black Pepper 80gm    
  Black Sesame 100gm    
  Candle Nut 100gm    
  Cashew Nut 50gm    
  Chana Dhal 300gm    
  Cinnamon Stick 80gm    
  Cloves 50gm    
  Coriander Seed 100gm    
  Cumin Seed 50gm    
  Dry Chilli 100gm    
  Fennel Seed 50gm    
  Fenugreek Seed 100gm    
  Garcina 70gm    
  Green Cardamon 50gm    
  Green Peas Wash 300gm    
  Green Peas Whole 300gm    
  Ground Nut 300gm    
  Malawi Dhal 300gm    
  Mustard Seed 100gm    
  Mysoore Dhal 300gm    
  Nutmeg 50gm    
  Pearl Sago 300gm    
  Red Bean 300gm    
  Roasted Chana 300gm    
  Soy Bean 300gm    
  Star Anissed 30gm    
  Toor Dhal 300gm    
  Urid Dhal 300gm    
  Wheat Grain 300gm    
  White Chole 300gm    
  White Pepper 80gm    
  White Till 100gm    
  Almond Brown 50gm  
  Blanched Almond Diced Small/Nibs 50gm  
  Blanched Almond Diced Fine/Powder 50gm  
  Blanched Almond Diced 50gm  
  Blanched Almond Split 50gm  
  Blanched Almond Strips 50gm  
  Cashew Nut 320 50gm  
  Cashew Nut Powder 50gm  
  Cashew Nut Split 50gm  
  Cashew Nut SWP 50gm  
  Golden Raisin 100gm  
  Black Raisin 100gm  
  Walnut 50gm  
GOLD LABEL 150GM - 200GM    
  Almonds 150gm  
  Black Raisins 200gm  
  Cashew Nut 150gm  
  Cashew Nut Split 150gm  
  Dried Apricot 200gm  
  Golden Raisins 200gm  
  Organic Cashew Nuts Premium 150gm  
  Organic Cashew Nuts Splits 150gm  
  Pistachio in Kernel 130gm  
  Pistachio in Shell 150gm  
  Pumpkin Seed 150gm  
  Sunflower Seeds 150gm  
  Walnuts 120gm  
GOLD LABEL - 500GM    
  Almonds 500gm  
  Black Raisins 500gm  
  Cashew Nuts 500gm  
  Pistachios with Shell 500gm  
  Golden Raisins 500gm  





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